Hydraulic Oil Purification Kit


  • Varnish free lube & hydraulic oil circuits

  • Improves cycle time of the machine

  • Improves product quality.

  • Removes smaller particles (i.e Carbon, sludge, dust, oxidation) up to 0.8 micron and even better online/offline operation.

  • Gains oil life.

  • No clogging or pressure drop.

  • Reduces down time.

  • Improves life of hydraulic and lubrication oils

  • Improves life of your machine tools hydraulic system.

  • Removes oxidation products and retards the oxidation process.

  • Requires no supervision during operation.

  • Keeps oil cleaner than when it comes from refinery.

  • Low operating cost.


Actual membrane test before and after super cleaning of oil with SERVOLINE machine.



The Solution
Servoline Electrostatic Oil Purifier

SERVOLINE Electrostatic Oil Purifier units have unique ability to draw contaminations of all sizes out of oil, trapping them on surface of collectors, this removes all insoluble contaminations i.e. carbon, dust, tar, oxidation matter, metallic/non-metallic rust etc.

SERVOLINE EOP operates on electrostatic principle. When oil is made to flow through electric field, which is generated on stainless steel electrodes covered with Di-Electric media (collectors). The unique design permits to take advantage of the natural charges that each moving contaminants has. Contaminants that have positive charge gets deposited on negative plate, while those with inherent negative charges are drawn towards the positive plate. Nutral contaminants are drawn and deposited by gradient force to the edge of collectors where the intensity of the deform electric field is strongets..

The collector is hosed in oil cleaning chamber. Each collector is made of disposable cellulose fiber and is pleated to hold the greatest quantity of contaminants. Collectors can hold as much as 4.5 kgs and will furnish 2000 hours of use depending upon the actual contaminants of oil.

SERVOLINE Electrostatic oil purifier cannot and donot remove oil soluble additives.

The purity achieved by use of SERVOLINE is from 0.8 micron and even better.


Online Operation
SERVOLINE Electrostatic oil Purifier (EOP)

SERVOLINE machines are directly installed on your machine tool. Hydraulic system takes place when your machines is in normal operation. This system ensure not only purification of oil in the reservoir of your machine tool but also oil running in the entire system.




Hydraulic Oil Purification Kit

Technical Specification

Unit Dimension Weigth Pump
Super Cleaned
Per Day
Up To
EOP-100 PF 900X615X920 200 10 LPM 300-350 Ltrs 415 V 3 Phase 50 Hz 500 W 2500 PPM 200 CST
EOP-200 PF 1800X615X920 280 20 LPM 600-650 Ltrs 415 V 3 Phase 50 Hz 500 W 2500 PPM 200 CST
EOP-300 PF 2700X615X920 460 20 LPM 1000-1200 Ltrs 415 V 3 Phase 50 Hz 500 W 2500 PPM 200 CST
EOP-400 PF 3600X615X920 620 20 LPM 1400-1600 Ltrs 415 V 3 Phase 50 Hz 500 W 2500 PPM 200 CST


This machines are special purpose unique design, which are capable to remove water sediments and contamination at same time up to 0.8 microns online / offline.

These machines consist of collector filter element with longer life i.e. 3000 hours depends on actual contamination in oil.

Servoline (EOP-PF) operated on electrostatic principle oil is made to flow from initial prefilter where contamination above 10 microns are taken care, than finally oil is passed through electrostatic chamber where due to electrostatic principle contamination are charged and attracted towards -VE, +VE plate and super cleaned oil is sent back to main reservoir.

These Servoline (EOP-PF) machines are available in 04 various models i.e. EOP PF-100, EOP PF-200, EOP PF-300, EOP PF-400. We can also provide machines as per customers requirement and oil consumption.

Servoline Contamination Test Kit

Consist of :-

  1. Handy Vacuum Pump

  2. Filtration Flask with one side opening.

  3. Assembly of

    1. Sintered Glass paper Holder

    2. Top Graduated Tube

    3. Metallic Clamp

  4. Pincette

  5. Measuring Cylinder

  6. Plastic Flushing Bottle

  7. Rubber Tube

  8. Test Tube

  9. 0.8 Micron / 25 MM Dia Membrane
    Filter Paper 1 Box (100 Nos.)



Technical Specifications for Model : EOP-50

Dimensions : 835mm (L) x 480mm (W) x 915mm (H)
Weight : 130 Kgs.
Pump Flow : 10-12 Ltrs./Min.
Type : Gear Pump
High Voltage Transformer : 1 Nos
Hose Pipes (2 Nos.) : Nylon - 6 Mtrs. each
Cleaning shell capacity : 50 hrs.
Oil Super cleaned per day (24 hrs.) : 150-175 Ltrs. per day
Power supply : Standard 415 V 3 phase 50 Hz
Power Consumption : 500 W
Max Temperature of Oil up to : Below 70 degree C
Moisture contents : Below 500 PPM
Viscosity : Up to 200CST