Transformer / Insulating Oil Conditioning Plant / Machine

Servoline Hi-Tech
is the manufacturer of Transformer Oil Filter machines and spares. We undertake repairing and servicing job of Transformer Oil conditioning plants of any make by supplying genuine spares at most competitive prices.

All the spares are readily available for meeting immediate / breakdown requirements. Our excellent team of sales / service engineers are always available on call of the valued clients at their need. Click for more pictures


India : Andrew Yule, BHEL, Britannia, CCl, CESC, DSp, DVC, ECL, INDAL, IOCL, Jindal, L&T, NALCO, NTPC, OHPC, Philips, Tala Hydropower Projects (Bhutan), TISCO, WBSEB & Other SEB besides export to many Asian Countries.

Servoline medium vaccum edge / cartidge type filtering units develop for efficient treatment of oil by combined effect of filtration, dehydration and degasification in medium vacuum environment. They are suitable for treatment of oil in transformer and switch gears in factories, sub-stations and switching stations. The machines are available either as Skid mounted, Semi / fully mobile units with capacities verying from 225 to 2400 liters per hour or even more on requirement.

Filtering System

The filter chamber consists of edge / cartridge filter type filter packs. made of specially treated paper discs and maintained under end compression by spring loading. Cleaning, is achieved by passing compressed airthrough the filter packs in the reverse flow direction.

Heating System

'DIRTY' oil has to be raised to a temperature of about 70 C. This is achieved in a head exchange unit incorporating low watt density heaters which are thermostatically controlled and interlocked with circulating pumps to prevent accidental over heading of the oil. The heater elements can be easily replaced.

Vacuum Chamber

Basically a dehydration and de-aeration vessel, the vacuum chamber is subjected to medium vacuum conditions by means of a vacuum pump. This vacuum pump is used as a compressor by manipulation of values during filter pack cleaning operation as well.

Standard Accessories

Edge / Cartridge Filters, heater elements, Temperature Gauge, Vacuum Gauge and Compound Gauge, safety relief valves & 10 Mtrs. Long hoses with end couplings.

Technical Specifications

Model Output
Quality of Oil in Filer System (Approx) Net Weight in Kg's (Approx)
50 & 50X / XC 225 7.5 0.56 50L 400
125 & 125X / XC 600 18.0 0.75 100L 650-750
250 & 250X / XC 1200 32.4 0.75 200L 700-800
500 & 500X / XC 2400 64.8 1.12 250L 1100-1950
Technical Specifications are subject to change without notice.